Apr 28, 2009

pretty in PINK

My Matthew Williamson by H&M

my mw

-- Pair it with some some blue jeans, pretty sandals ...AND pink nails. Instant glam !

Apr 26, 2009

Magical *


I went to see The Swanlake by the Ballet of Flanders yesterday and magical is just about the word that describes the whole show.
The music was composed by Pjotr Tsjaikovski and the 'Philharmonic Orchestra' played everything live.

swan lake

Marcia Haydee was the wonderfull woman who did the choreography.
The dancer that I was most intrigued by, Alain Honorez, played the bad guy: Rothbart (somehow I always feel more related to the bad characters). He danced almost non-human, like a creature from another world. Oh how I love the ballet !! :)


Photos by Johan Persson

Apr 24, 2009

Picture perfect

Aren't these pictures by Jack Siegel amazing? I love how colorful they are. They're just perfect. I like the bag of the last girl, and I'm definitely buying me a pair of wayfarer sunglasses! It's about time... Enjoy your weekend! 

Apr 22, 2009

Other side of a model: the apartment of Daria Werbowy

One of my favourite models of all time !!

She seems such a down to earth girl.. && a natural beauty.
I first saw her in an add for Chanel, I just loved that picture from the first time I saw it.. so why don't I share it with you ...

And this is what her apartment looks like (as seen in Glamour and Vogue Italia) :


app daria 4

app daria 1

app daria 3

Apr 18, 2009

Partypics by elke ;)

I went to Antwerp with some friends this thursday night. And one of them (Elke) was obsessed with the camera.. And this is the result :)
What do you think??



My luck is on the rise! I just got a great haircut, my friends are planning a party for me next week, I just ordered my holiday to Greece this summer, and I past my theoretical exam so I can finally learn how to drive a car! If that's not enough, I found some great pair of Chinese sneakers!! They're called Shan Dongs, it means East of the Mountain. They were originally made in the Sixties, but when a photographer visited the little Shan Dong Factory in China he decided to export the shoes outside China! And best of all, for me though :), is that they are for sale in Brussels, Belgium! I want the pink ones...

Apr 17, 2009


What would you do with kneehigh socks?

Apr 12, 2009

My Maastricht buys



I saw these shoes like a month ago in 'Elle Belgium' and I wanted them so bad.. So when I spotted them in a store in Maastricht I needn't think twice :)

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine !

Apr 11, 2009

Want an orange tan?


Believe it or not, Lindsay Lohan is selling her own spray tan on the market. She wants something that doesn't make you look like an orange. I think she looked better before she painted herself orange. And her hair was so much more beautiful when it was blond!

Apr 6, 2009

There's something different in the air around me, but it feels so familiar..


I slept late this morning, and stayed home for the rest of the day.
But I needed to rest. Especially because tomorrow I'll be shopping in the Netherlands. Besides with lots of clothes I'll be coming home with lots of liquorice sweets. No better place to find such sweets than in the Netherlands.
I'll make sure to post the things I've bought when I'm back..

p.s. noticed I'm wearing my ripped jeans? ;)

Apr 5, 2009

It's written on the wind, It's everywhere I go...

Springbreak !!!
Time to just hang around with friends, sit outside, feeling careless and free !
I'm looking forward to eating icecreams and more beautiful weather..
What do you normally do during springbreak?