May 19, 2009



These are pictures of the collection of Sessùn. The purple dress is perfect,just as the jacket beneath it. And I like the style of pictures.

May 13, 2009

Save the whales

Organic tank by Wren for Save The Whales.
See for their new collection

May 12, 2009

May 6, 2009

Tadaaa !!

me and doc m 1

me and my doc m 2

Me and my doc Martens !!
We got lots of stares today ;)
Oh, and uhm what do you think about my new haircut??

Pictures taken by my little sister

boots: doc martens -
shorts: mum's -
jacket: zara -
shirt: zara

May 5, 2009

Doc Martens

Lately I've been wanting some doc martens boots very bad..
Wouldn't you want to run around town looking like this?

doc m floral

I almost bought the 7-eyed light pink ones ..
But look what I found hiding in my closet -- 14-eye doc m boots with zippers -- I just had to put them on right away (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures)..

I will post some outfits with them soon !

May 2, 2009

Belgian Fashion


These are clothes of Ti+Hann, a Belgian clothing brand. I like the dresses and high wasted skirts. And lucky for me, there's a temporary shop in Antwerp. Now all I need is some money...