Mar 29, 2009


Isn't this bathing suit great?? This is a piece from the collection of Jean-Paul Lespagnard (He's Belgian!) for 1.2.3. The collection is really kitsch and I love it, although I'm not sure if I would dare to wear this :)

Mar 23, 2009

When summertimes come..

I've always loved Greece for its food, weather and language..
But no one would ever link Greece to fashion. Those people probably have never heard of Sophia Kokosalaki, a Greek fashion designer who has her own label based in London.Her spring/summer collection for 2009 is to die for.
Also take a closer look at her shoes at Fabulous.. I want all of them !



Spring is there, so it's time for flowers! these hairpieces from are so cute :), don't you think? The company started in 2008 and they sell great hairpieces, and this belt.

Mar 18, 2009

These things happen sometimes...

Love these pictures taken by Chad Moore. He's a great photographer. And I like the green nailpolish of the girl on the last photo :)
see all his pictures on his website:

Mar 17, 2009

So sweet, I can smell spring

You know when it's spring, and there's a certain kind of smell in the air.. It gives you a certain kind of feeling, like you can do anything. Well for me, this add expresses that feeling. I love it!

The new 'Miss Dior Cherie' ad, directed by Sofia Coppola. This is the long version (director cut).
Song by Brigitte Bardot: 'Moi je joue'

Mar 16, 2009

I want it Platinum

I'm currently obsessed with platinum blonde, short hair. Like Agyness Deyn and singer Robyn.
Although I do not dare to cut my hair that short, I would love to dye it that blonde..
What are your thoughts? Do you like their haircolor?

Photo Robyn by KXM

Mar 15, 2009

spring products

american cream

These are my favorite products of Lush. The lipbalsem is delicious, great for kisses :)!
The conditioner makes your hair look healthy and makes it smell like vanilla.
photo: Lush

Mar 11, 2009

Girl, what have you done? You've ripped your jeans !! Totally !

My first DIYproject >if we don't count the first time I tried to rip my pants a couple of years ago.. my jeans came out with just two cuts right on the knees< But this time it turned out much better.
First I started cutting my jeans with a knife, then roughened up the edges.
Then I bleached my jeans and started cutting again :).
The last thing I did was wash my jeans, because then the cuts get even rougher..
So here's what it looks like
I'll make sure to post some outfit's with this 'amazing ripped jeans :)' very soon.

Mar 10, 2009

Designers Jeans


I love this piece from the new collection of Designers Remix

Mar 8, 2009

Once upon a time ..

It's kinda funny. In Belgium the sun is shining right now, but I can only think of the time when it was snowing.. It was so beautiful &the snow stayed on the ground for days - MAGIC !!
Here is one of the pictures took during the snow. Just to make you dream of winter again :).. (my dog even posed for me, isn't he cute?)


And another thing I'm obsessed with these days are 'pink nails' !! I didn't have time yet to paint mine, but one of these days,
I'm going pink !

Mar 4, 2009



I took these pictures with my Diana. It's such a lovely camera. Sorry for the crappy quality :p

Mar 1, 2009

Our first sunny sunday of the year...

Finally, the sun is shining again in Belgium. This makes me dream of summer... Having a BBQ, wearing cool glasses, running through a green field, going on a holiday, wearing that new summerdress, drinking tequila, taking pictures, partying outdoors, ...
Everything is more beautiful in the summer
photo: skullset for Urban Outfitters summer 2008