Feb 26, 2009

seeing life through lace

These new shades of Chanel are truly a piece of art. If you can wear them without walking against something, I don't know. But what I do know, is that I WANT IT!
photo: Chanel lace glasses

Feb 25, 2009

Summer I NEED you !!

&& Gucci, you too ! (s/s 09)

Why is it so darn cold in Belgium ??

Feb 22, 2009

In ONE - Piece

My little sister came home with this purple body a few days ago, she used it for her outfit on carnaval.. But actually it was too big for her, so why should'nt I try it on for once?

You can even pair it so you can wear it to town..
Maybe I should buy one myself??

Feb 21, 2009

My tribute to Barbie

We all know Barbie.. She was one of our closest friends when we were young. We could play with her for hours, and she knew all our secrets.

Photo: Reuters (Lucas Jackson)

In honour of her 50th birthday, there was a 'Barbie runway show' at fashion week in New York.

Photo: Timothy A. Clary / AFP/Getty Images

But I still haven't paid tribute to her..
So here goes !!

Barbie's take on:

Vintage !

& boyfriend jeans

Feb 20, 2009

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung, British TV presenter and former model, has a great laid back style. It's simple, casual and easy yet fashionable. You want to see more pictures of her? go to www.elleuk.com where I got these pictures from and get inspired!

Feb 18, 2009

Romance in London

London covered with snow! Isn't it romantic? These are pictures taken two weeks ago. Although it was so beautiful to see, London was chaos. But it was all worth it...

Feb 16, 2009



I'm so in love with Balmain's collections, as you might have noticed in one of my previous posts (the one with the balmain studded sandals)..
The outfits can be paired with all the shoes underneath..
In every outfit there is an item from Balmain, can you guess which ones?

Feb 15, 2009

Last Week's Buys

I bought the necklace at Urban Outfitters in Antwerp. I can put a picture in it, but I won't tell who!  The dress with the squares is from Insight and I bought it yesterday in Brussels. The bag I bought also at Urban Outfitters and the last piece is from Topshop. Let me know what you think!

Goodmorning Sunday

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. And if not, make the best of today !! Whether you sleep long or get up early, just make sure that you do (all the) things you like.
Have a happy sunday :)


Feb 14, 2009

New Bracelets, happy face

Got myself some new bracelets, €0,50 each.
Aren't they pretty? I think they look kinda Moroccan, Indian..

Friday Afternoon

Just a silly afternoon..
Taking pictures, drinking latte's :)

Feb 12, 2009

Look-a-like for less

I went to Amsterdam last weekend, and look what I saw in the window of ZARA..

These sandals look very BALMAIN-ish.
Of course they aren't as beautiful as the real thing, but if you don't want to pay that much money and you'll set for something similar these ones from ZARA could be very good alternative.

The real deal - Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain

Feb 11, 2009

Rachael Yamagata, that's the name of this wonderful stylish artist who makes amazing songs. Her cd "Elephants...Teeth sinking into heart", it was out in August 2008, is a piece of fine porcelain with rough edges. Her voice in the song "elephants" is so delicate and the lyrics are great. Also "Sunday afternoon" is nice to the ears. Of her previous cd "Happenstance", you should definitely listen to the track "Reason Why".
Besides a great voice, she also has a great style of clothes. Don't you want this hat too?? And of course that long brown hair of hers..


Feb 10, 2009

Start something new

Our week vacation after our (long lasting) exams is over..so back to uni now. But also time for new fun projects, like a new blog :).
It's time to make a little effort and just do your thing !