May 5, 2009

Doc Martens

Lately I've been wanting some doc martens boots very bad..
Wouldn't you want to run around town looking like this?

doc m floral

I almost bought the 7-eyed light pink ones ..
But look what I found hiding in my closet -- 14-eye doc m boots with zippers -- I just had to put them on right away (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures)..

I will post some outfits with them soon !


sasha said...

here i want to share my favorite shoe brand is Doc Martens Boots

dr martens boots said...

I received these shoes as a birthday gift a few days ago. Upon opening the box, I immediately tried them on — and I haven’t wanted to take them off since! They’re, by far, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re extremely light, yet they seem to offer great support in all the right places.